Alternatives to PowerPoint (Episode 38)

To “PowerPoint” is a verb in both corporate and education circles, which speaks to the dominance of Microsoft PowerPoint in the presentation industry – and that is not a bad thing as Microsoft continues to evolve the software. But there are other options in use, all with high points and advantages. Troy, Sandy and Nolan spend this episode reviewing the ones they know are out there and use for projects.

Do You know About The Presentation Guild?! (Episode 36)

Join Troy, Sandy and Echo as they talk about the Presentation Guild; its history, offerings, and special side conversation about how the Presentation Summit started as well as how the Presentation Guild and Presentation Summit are very separate entities.

Yes, PowerPoint Frustrates Us (Episode 34)

First, Nolan makes a big announcement! Then, Troy, Sandy and Nolan discuss “Frustration: [fra’-str-ay-shun], the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.” That is the official definition of Frustration, and it definitely describes the feelings presentation designers experience, often on a daily basis, when working in PowerPoint. Yes, even our favorite presentation software frustrates us, and this afternoon Troy, Nolan and Sandy are just venting a little.

How To Be A Good Design Client (Episode 32)

Being a good client to your designer has many benefits. Because design projects are not all about the client. They are also not all about the designer. Design projects to be successful require both client and designer interaction to create the final deliverable. A successful project requires both the client and designer to create the final deliverable. Today’s conversation is about an often unspoken topic that hopefully designers, and design clients, find valuable.

What Makes a Real PowerPoint Template Real (Episode 31)

PowerPoint templates are a real thing, not a collection of slides. A real template is an aide to everyone by establishing styling options, consistency parameters, and presets to make design time faster. Troy, Nolan, Sandy have an in-depth conversation about what makes a template a template, with plenty of tips and best practices, and why a real template has tremendous value.

Windows 10 Fluent Design and the Future of Presentation Design (Episode 30)

Microsoft has just started releasing its next update to the Windows Operating System, called “The Creators Update”. Looking at the details available, the new aesthetic styling system, labelled “The Fluent Design System” has some exciting ideas that will hopefully carry over into the presentation design world. It is called the “Microsoft” Fluent Design System, which implies it will not be limited to the Operating System, but the new styling and aesthetics will carry over into every app and feature.

What Else Do You Use PowerPoint For? (Episode 29)

What Else Do You Use PowerPoint For? Show Notes – Episode #29 Summary PowerPoint is an amazingly versatile application. The core focus of the application is on presentation slides, but it is used for so…

Typography, Part 2 (Episode 26)

Welcome to Round 2 of our discussion on typography, how it applies to layout, design, and professional presentation PowerPoint slides. For this episode Nolan and Troy are joined by are joined by the very talented graphic design lead, and co-founder of TLC Creative Services, Inc., Lori Chollar.

What is the Page Size of 16×9? (Episode 25)

For print design, if a client says they need a letter size piece or a client in Europe says the project needs to be A1, we know exactly the dimensions. With PowerPoint, the page size is not always clear or consistent. Part of the issue is that aspect ratio does not equate to a physical dimension and another part is that PowerPoint has updated page sizes and has confusing options. In today’s episode, Troy, Nolan, and Sandy talk in-depth about page size options for presentation projects.

Archiving Projects (Episode 24)

A client from 1, 2, or 8 years ago asks for a few revisions to that incredible presentation you developed for them years ago. But they no longer have the files – do you? Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about their studio processes for archiving project files, what they let clients know are done with project files, and some of their project archiving best practices.

Typography & Typesetting in PowerPoint (Episode 23)

Typography principles are half of the design equation, and should apply to developing slides, but often does not. This time Troy, Sandy and Nolan weigh in on many geeky typography and text topics. Typography, as defined on Wikipedia, is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed – a great description for how should be treated when added to slides!

Our Favorite Animations (Episode 22)

PowerPoint has lots of great features for adding motion to static content through animations and transitions. Overall PowerPoint presentations are known for animation, and knowing that animation is used by everyone from elementary age students to professional designers says a lot about the functional design of PowerPoint as an animation application. Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about good use of animation, some favorite animation effects, and what they see for the future of PowerPoint’s animation capabilities.

Video and PowerPoint (Episode 21)

First was words, then images, now video. Presentation design has changed and today our hosts Troy, Nolan, and Sandy talk about using video in PowerPoint – tips and tricks for video in PowerPoint – using PowerPoint as the video creation app – from technical to design, this is a great conversation covering a lot of topics all about video and PowerPoint.

Holiday Edition (Episode 20)

This is the year-end episode of The Presentation Podcast for 2016 and our hosts fill the hour with holiday related conversation on presentation design, some gift ideas, and plenty of holiday cheer!

Data Viz and Presentations (Episode 19)

Today Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about the big topic of Data Visualization, or Data Viz, which has countless ways of displaying data on slides. Every presentation designer is using Data Viz techniques, without necessarily knowing it, or calling it that. Although all three approach Data Viz in different ways, they all have the same goal, to clearly communicate number information in presentations.

Conversations At The 2016 Microsoft MVP Summit (Episode 18)

This episode of The Presentation Podcast is a wonderful group conversation Troy, Nolan and Sandy had with many of the North America PowerPoint MVPs while attending the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Conference at Microsoft’s corporate campus in Redmond, WA.