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e105: PowerPoint Live Presentation is Here!

Microsoft’s year plus tease of the release of PowerPoint Live Presentations for over – and it has finally arrived! Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk through how a presenter can share a presentation people watch in real time on their phone, tablet or computer. They also cover many of the “Gotchas” they encountered while testing this new feature.

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e102 – Is PowerPoint Collaboration in Microsoft Teams Good?

PowerPoint has touted its co-authoring and collaboration features for a few years. The Microsoft Teams integration has increased the features and the user base. We created a sample presentation, put it on Microsoft Teams and challenged ourselves to co-author the slide layouts and design. The experience was something memorable! But do we believe the hype that PowerPoint’s collaboration features are ready for prime use? Join us for a conversation about the pitfalls, surprises and successes of working together on a single slide deck!

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