e103: Presenting with your Voice (with Jackie Gartner-Schmidt of Voice Now)

The human voice is a critical element in presenting. Yes, more important than the presentation slides – sometimes! This episode is an amazing discussion learning about the human voice and ways to protect it and use it as we talk with Jackie Gartner-Schmidt who is a PhD in “Human Voice!”

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episode 46: Share the Stage with Your Slides (with Sally Koering Zimney)

Join an amazing conversation about how presenters can share the stage with their slides, interact with them, while still engaging with the audience, and “share the Con.” Sally Zimney from the “This Moved Me” podcast, and a professional presentation coach joins the conversation, offering some great advise for every presenter, and presentation designer.

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episode 45: Things to Check Before Presenting

The primary purpose of presentation software is to support a presenter. Presenters need to be aware of what things can go wrong, know what to check before presenting, and prevent many potential issues before they become an issue. Sandy, Nolan and Troy are presenters, they work with presenters every week, and have experienced many presentation technical issues, this podcast offers a compilation of things every presenter should check before presenting.

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