sandy johnson

episode 106: Resources for Presentations Designers

Resources for presentation designers. Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk through 7 categories; books/magazines, conferences, forums, online resources, podcasts, training, and information channels. Each shares their list for each category – join the conversation, it will be fun to learn from one another and see what we have in common.

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episode 78: Animation Do’s and Don’ts

We live in an animated world, and animated slide content is the norm. Join Troy, Nolan and Sandy as they talk about PowerPoint animation, PowerPoint as a motion graphics design tool, tips on animation, and our Do’s and Don’ts of animation.

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episode 76: The Consequences of Good Presentation Design

Everything has consequences, presentation design included. Often the “death by PowerPoint” mantra is more about bad information flow – created in any program – and it is a consequence of bad presentation design. Nolan, Sandy talk spend some time talking about current projects, recapping the Presentation Summit experience and then dive into a conversation about The Consequences of Good Presentation Design from 3 vantage points; Designer to Client, Designer to Designer, and of course, Client to Audience.

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