Conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


RECENT Episodes

episode 90: A Geeky PowerPoint Conversation Mostly About Morph

Listen in to an international group of presentation design experts gathered together chatting about PowerPoint, projects and the use of Morph.

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episode 89: Just Talking PowerPoint

It has been some time since it was just a conversation with Troy, Nolan and Sandy. October 2019 had 5 Tuesdays, our last conversation...

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episode 88: Live from the 2019 Presentation Summit!

• Join us at the 2019 Presentation Summit in San Antonio, TX where we gathered over 20 presentation industry people of interest for an...

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episode 87: When Scientists Present (a conversation with Mike Morrison)

The scientific community is full of presenting. But the world of scientific presentation is different than corporate presentation - something we uncover in the...

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episode 86: Should You Use Google Slides for Your Corporate Presentations?

The conversation is all about Google Slides, and it is full of details, tips and tricks. Google Slides is tricky for presentation designers not...

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episode 85: Things to Know About Presentation Summit (w/ Rick Altman)

Next month, October 2019, is the 17th annual Presentation Summit. This conference gathers 200 people in the presentation industry for insightful seminars on presentation...

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