Conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


RECENT Episodes

episode 95: 2020 Presentation Trends We See

Looking at 2020, Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about presentations, both in creating and presenting them, is an ongoing evolution. Across a wide range...

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episode 94: Beyond Bullet Points, a Conversation with Cliff Atkinson

This conversation is amazing! Troy, Nolan and Sandy are joined by a presentation industry luminary, Cliff Atkinson. Cliff is author of Beyond Bullets, which...

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episode 93: Investing in Our Presentation Design Business

Our first conversation of 2020, we talk about investing in our design businesses; software, hardware, training, services, and what are important to be in...

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episode 92: Our Presentation Year in Review 2019

This is the final episode of 2019! We are ending the year with a look back on some of our favorite projects, favorite new...

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episode 91: What is the Presentation Designer Skill Set?

This episode, Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about being a presentation designer - which is different from being a web designer, a video editor,...

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episode 90: A Geeky PowerPoint Conversation Mostly About Morph

Listen in to an international group of presentation design experts gathered together chatting about PowerPoint, projects and the use of Morph.

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