Conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


RECENT Episodes

episode 103: Presenting with your Voice (with Jackie Gartner-Schmidt of Voice Now)

The human voice is a critical element in presenting. Yes, more important than the presentation slides - sometimes! This episode is an amazing discussion...

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episode 102: Is PowerPoint Collaboration in Microsoft Teams Good?

PowerPoint has touted its co-authoring and collaboration features for a few years. The Microsoft Teams integration has increased the features and the user base....

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episode 101: Slide Design for Remote Presenting

This conversation is about slide design and presenting techniques of remote presenting. Troy, Nolan and Sandy are joined by Richard Goring of BrightCarbon, Mike...

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episode 100: 100 from 100 – our favorite tips and moments from the first 100 episodes

Troy, Nolan and Sandy recount 100 of their favorite tips and moments from the first 100 episodes of The Presentation Podcast! Yes, this is...

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episode 99: Being a Remote Presenter (with Ken Molay)

The world pretty much just all jumped into remote meetings at the same time. There are now more remote presentations rather than in-person meetings....

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episode 98: Microsoft Office Secrets of PowerPoint

This is Part 1 of a new series - Microsoft Office Secrets! This episode Troy, Sandy and Nolan each give their 10 hidden or...

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