e158 – Lessons Learned from Optimizing 150 Presentations in 4 Days

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The Presentation Podcast is conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


e157 – Prepping for the PreSum #20 with Rick Altman

Show Notes – Episode #157 PowerPoint celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. The Presentation Summit 2022 is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Both amazing benchmarks! This episode we are joined by the Presentation Summit creator and director, Rick Altman for a conversation about what to expect at this year's conference, along with some talk about the [...]

e156 – Presentation for Free (Resources for Design)

Show Notes – Episode #156 PowerPoint is a big community with lots and lots of resources. This episode Troy, Sandy and Nolan spend some time talking about the FREE presentation resources they use. It is a fun conversation but have something to take notes! Resources from this Episode:   TechSmith Level Up! event (virtual event on Aug. [...]

e155 – Mac PPT vs Windows PPT

Show Notes – Episode #155 PowerPoint is a coding amazement, the same code base for every version; Windows, Mac, Web and Mobile. Troy recently has been on multiple projects that used PowerPoint for Mac, giving him a lot of time in the Mac version. The result was a list of 20+ questions and observations on differences between [...]

e154 – Working for Another Designer

Show Notes – Episode #154 We have had conversations focused on client management, hiring designers, and being the best presentation designer employee. But we have not talked about working for another designer. Because it is one thing if the person approving and paying for your work is a non-designer client, but when that person is another designer [...]

e153 – Just Talking About Animation – it’s Back in 2022!

Show Notes – Episode #153 After 2+ years of virtual meetings with very little to no animation, I declare 2022 is the year animation has returned to presentations! We are going to jump back in time, where a past conversation is just what we need to get us back on track for the return of animated presentations. [...]

e152 – Is Accessibility Accessible?

Show Notes – Episode #152 One definition of accessibility is "…making information, activities, and/or environments sensible, meaningful, and usable for as many people as possible.". For us in the presentation world, accessibility is a consideration for slide design. And slide design can address accessibility categories of contrast, font size, captioning, screen reader setup, alt text, and much [...]

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