Building PowerPoint Templates v2 with Julie Terberg and Echo Swinford

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The Presentation Podcast is conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


Live from the Presentation Summit 2021!

Show Notes – Episode #135 At the 2021 Presentation Summit held in Clearwater, Florida The Presentation Podcast gathered the 9 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs for this episode! Join us for a conversation about the conference, PowerPoint, Florida and everything else! Who's Here: Troy Chollar, TLC Creative Services, Inc. Nolan Haims, Nolan Haims Creative Sandy Johnson, Presentation Wiz, Inc. [...]

How We Create Presentations for Ourselves

Show Notes – Episode #134 What do presentation designers do when they need to create a presentation for themselves? Do we follow our own best practices, or do we take shortcuts? We are joined by Lori Chollar of TLC Creative Services and as a group we to explore that question - and there are terrific tips and [...]

The Questions Clients Always Ask

Show Notes – Episode #133 Clients ask questions, and many of the same questions. This episode Troy, Nolan and Sandy pose the questions they hear from clients consistently to see if the others also hear the same question - and their answers to those questions. Can you make it not look like PowerPoint? Can we have a [...]

What Will We See at the 2021 Presentation Summit? With Rick Altman

Show Notes – Episode #132 The 19th annual Presentation Summit is September 26-29, 2021. Troy, Nolan and Sandy have each attended many times and have presented at the conference. All three will be at the event in Florida this year. This episode we have Rick Altman, founder and director of the Presentation Summit, and talk not only [...]

Everyday Business Storytelling with Janine Kurnoff

Show Notes – Episode #131 Once upon a time, finding a book on presentation design was almost non-existent. On this episode we get to spend some time with the co-author of "Everyday Business Storytelling", one of the latest entries into the presentation space. All three of us; Nolan, Sandy and Troy, read the book, found it full [...]

Where’s the Money? With Bethany Auck

Show Notes – Episode #130 This episode we get to talk money. We are joined by Bethany Auck, President of the Presentation Guild to talk about the "2021 State of the Industry and Salary Survey Report." The report is full of great data collected specifically about compensation of presentation professionals and we will tell you how to [...]

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