e192 – You Don’t Know, What You Do Not Know

The Presentation Podcast is conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


e191 – What Does Chat GPT Say a Presentation Designer Is?

Show Notes – Episode #191 Ready for something exciting!? Listen to Troy, Sandy and Nolan ask ChatGPT "What skills do I need to prepare to be a professional PowerPoint presentation designer?" and dive into ChatGPTs reply. Join the conversation and hear how good, or bad, ChatGPT is about defining our job! Resources from this Episode:   Personalized [...]

e190 – 2024 Predictions and 2023 Scorecard

Show Notes – Episode #190 9 presentation industry predictions for 2024; 3 from each host! Plus Troy, Sandy and Nolan do a scorecard review their 2023 presentation predictions to tally their successes and fails. 2024 Presentation Predictions Troy AI design tools will become a standard workflow for image creation, image manipulation, content creation, content adjustment, and design [...]

e189 – A Look Back at 2023

Show Notes – Episode #189 As we start 2024, The Presentation Podcast is looking back at 2023, specifically favorite presentation project, non-PowerPoint project, podcast episode - tech tip - guest, and more! Join Troy, Sandy and Nolan for this great podcast episode! Resources from this Episode:   World Cup ad: Orange - la Compil des Bleues (English [...]

e188 – A Presentation Summit Wrap Up

Show Notes – Episode #188 The Presentation Summit wraps up 2023 with a recap of The Presentation Summit season. This year the Summit was held in two separate events, making it a unique year for the venerable event. Nolan, Sandy and Troy were all at the onsite event, and each joined the virtual sessions. Join to hear [...]

e187 – Prospective Memory – a Conversation with Dr. Carmen Simon

Show Notes – Episode #187 There is a science to the art of presentation design. Our guest today is a Cognitive neuroscientist. A PhD twice over. An instructor at Stanford University. Founder of research companies. Has spoken at The Presentation Summit several times. Dr. Carmen Simon focuses on presentation information retention, and we have the opportunity to [...]

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