201 – Is It Legal for AI To Create My Presentation Content?

The Presentation Podcast is conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


e200 – Celebrating 200 Presentation Conversations!

Show Notes – Episode #200 Q: What started in 2016, and is celebrating its 200th episode today? A: The Presentation Podcast! At 2 episodes per month, 24 conversations per year, and a predictable episode #200 in year 9. That's what this conversation is all about, celebration and fun conversation - join us! [...]

e199 – Visual Design vs. The Storytelling Message

Show Notes – Episode #199 Troy, Sandy, and Nolan continue their conversation on roles in the presentation industry. In today's episode they focus on the roles of the writer vs. designer and more deeply explore the role, process, and structure of writing when building presentations. Click play and join the conversations for a spirited conversation, and of [...]

e198 – Slide Production vs. Slide Design (and the Art Director)

Show Notes – Episode #198 Troy, Sandy and Nolan have been talking about the difference between "design" and "production" in presentation work. Join the conversation as they unpack the concept of slide production vs. slide design, titles used within presentation design and much more Resources from this Episode:   Virtual Meeting Platform by TLC Creative Services, VXP [...]

e197 – Checking in with BrightSlide’s Jamie Garroch

Show Notes – Episode #197Troy, Nolan and Sandy have some time with Jamie Garroch of BrightCarbon to talk about the PowerPoint Brightslide addin's features, new additions and other coding projects he and his team are working on. Plus his upcoming sabbatical plans to adventure through many U.S. states in his custom Minion yellow car and trailer.Resources from this Episode: [...]

e196 – AI, Storytelling, and Digital Air with Rolly Seth

Show Notes – Episode #196 Join Troy, Nolan and Sandy for a conversation with Rolly Seth, Principle Product Manager for Microsoft Designer, about AI, copilot and storytelling. Rolly previously as on the PowerPoint team, is a thought leader and all around brilliant thinker when it comes to the intersection of technology and creativity. Click here for the [...]

e195 – Speaking Story with Sally Zimney

Show Notes – Episode #195 Are you a presenter? A speaker? Someone who designs slides for those that present? The newest book in the presentation space is "Speaking Story" by Sally Z, and Sally joins Troy, Nolan and Sandy on The Presentation Podcast for a wonderful time and conversation! Resources from this Episode:   Sally Z Instagram [...]

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