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The Presentation Podcast is conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


e149 – Deposits, Terms, and $ (Take II)

Show Notes – Episode 149 The backstory on this episode is: as projects continue to spin up with wonderful client requests, internally at TLC Creative Services, we have been revisiting our rate sheet, project timelines and project terms. The Presentation Podcast's focus on the business of presentation design is a great resource, that I found myself (Troy [...]

e148 – Why Use a PowerPoint Template?

Show Notes – Episode #148 PowerPoint templates is a trend in our conversations. In March Nolan spoke at the CreativePro Design + PowerPoint conference on PowerPoint template hacks and his process for creating templates. And then in April, Troy spoke on PowerPoint templates and 9 tips every business presenter needs to know and leverage at the Present [...]

e147 – Live From the 2022 MVP (Virtual) Summit!

Show Notes – Episode #147 Welcome to the 2022 Microsoft MVP Summit! This year the Summit is once again a virtual event leveraging Microsoft Teams for all sessions. As has become tradition, a group of PowerPoint MVPs have gathered for this episode to talk PowerPoint, Microsoft, and fun - join us! Guests on this episode: Troy Chollar, [...]

e146 – Comparing PowerPoint Template Projects

Show Notes – Episode #146 Presentation design work is often developing a PowerPoint template as a standalone project or developing a PowerPoint template that is then used for the presentation design phase. This episode, Troy & Lori, the co-founders of TLC Creative Services, Inc. chat about PowerPoint template design projects they have each recently completed. What PowerPoint [...]

e145 – Before the Mic, with Glenn Gibson

Show Notes – Episode #145 "Before the Mic" is a new book in the presentation space. It focuses on the presentation message and structure - everything that needs to happen before the presenter is 'before the microphone' and presenting. This episode Troy, Sandy and Nolan talk with Glenn Gibson, author of "Beyond the Mic" for a very [...]

e144 – What Do you pay for to be a Presentation Designer?

Show Notes – Episode #144 Being in business costs money. There are expenses; things to buy, to subscribe to, to just have. Today we are listing off the many expenses we have to plan for to run our businesses, the costs of being a presentation designer! Let's start just by looking at the costs of being a [...]

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