e186 – PowerPoint Concierge Level Formatting

The Presentation Podcast is conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


e185 – What Type of Designer are You?

Show Notes – Episode #185Troy, Nolan, and Sandy dive into a conversation around defining what a Presentation Design is, by title, description and area of expertise. Plus, this conversation invites everyone to join via an open to all, anonymous Slido poll!Resources from this Episode:  - Slido poll open to everyone! "What is your Presentation Design one-liner, or elevator pitch, [...]

e184 – What People Want to Learn

Show Notes – Episode #184 As a presenter-trainer-host, what makes for a good experience for attendees to want to listen and learn something? We leave aside non-educational reasons for attending events and focus on what people want to learn and get out of training presentations. Being presentation designers and trainers, we admittedly wander into the PowerPoint and [...]

e183 – Opportunities Abound with the Presentation Guild

Show Notes – Episode #183 The Presentation Guild represents us, the presentation industry representation. The Guild's monthly email newsletter with its list of activities and opportunities for presentation designers inspired this episode. Troy, Sandy and Nolan are joined on this episode by 4 of the current Guild board members to talk about the Presentation Guild, its events, [...]

e182 – Exploring New Waters – The 2023 Presentation Summit with Rick Altman

Show Notes – Episode #182 October 15-18 is coming soon. We spend some time with event director Rick Altman to talk about this year's Presentation Summit. Troy, Nolan, and Sandy get answers to the split event format, how this year's onsite venue was selected, and what really happened on that African safari adventure. All three of us [...]

e180 – Whatever Happened to TED?

Show Notes – Episode #180 Technology, Entertainment, Design - TED, ideas worth spreading. TED talks provide an amazing platform for presenters. The organization has made quality presentation skills and presentation design a factor to be considered in all presentations. Our conversation today is that for the three of us, it feels as though the age of the [...]

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