e170 – Is PowerPoint + MS Teams a Good Thing?

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The Presentation Podcast is conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


e169 – Bulletless Design is a Real Thing

Show Notes – Episode #169 This conversation has been a long time in the making, proposed in the middle of 2022 and took some time to coordinate and get onto the podcast schedule. Join for a conversation centered around visual slide design, based on the bulletless design concepts from The Better Deck Deck. ThePowerPointBlog.com, featured a month [...]

e168 – PowerPoint Best Practices, Tips and Techniques, with the author Chantal Bosse

Show Notes – Episode #168 There is a new PowerPoint centric book, and this conversation is Troy, Sandy and Nolan talking with Chantal Bosse about her just released book, " Microsoft PowerPoint Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques". Listen in on a great conversation and book that everyone who aspires to use PowerPoint's tools and features will want [...]

e167 – All Design is Creating a Design Experience

Show Notes – Episode #167 We welcome returning guest, David Blatner from the CreativePro Network. We talk about the upcoming Design + PowerPoint online conference, and then chat about a really interesting design philosophy, "All Design is Creating an Experience for a User." Resources from this Episode: The Design + PowerPoint Summit, a CreativePro online event SanDisk [...]

e166 – What PowerPoint Defaults & Presets Do You Ignore or Change?

Show Notes – Episode #166 Join Troy, Nolan and Sandy as they dive deep into PowerPoint and talk about the presets that everyone has when they open a default PowerPoint file. And bonus, give your opinion on some of the PowerPoint defaults by joining our listener survey - details in the podcast and in the show notes. [...]

e165 – Bold Presentation Predictions for 2023

Show Notes – Episode #165 Welcome to 2023! New year and 12 months of presentation design ahead of us! Troy, Nolan and Sandy take the past 12 months of hearing from clients, software companies and their years of presentation experience and present 13 bold presentations predictions for 2023! I am a topic being discussed  Troy's 2023 presentation [...]

e164 – It’s the Final Presentation Conversation of 2022!

Show Notes – Episode #164 This is episode 164 - the final episode of 2022! Troy, Sandy and Nolan have some fun talking about each of their top fives' of the year. Resources from this Episode:   Nolan's first podcast announcement from March 2016 Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Troy & Lori's Holiday Lights Show Suggestions? Questions [...]

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