e162 – No, We Don’t Do That

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The Presentation Podcast is conversations from inside design studios about presentation design, tools, tips and running a presentation agency.


e161 – So, You Work With Your Spouse!?

Show Notes – Episode #161 Troy and Lori Chollar of TLC Creative Services spend some time with Mike and Jenn Parkinson of Billion Dollar Graphics for a fun conversation about working together as owners of creative industry companies. It is an unscripted, random, and amazing conversation - join them! Recorded at the 2022 Presentation Summit. Show Suggestions? [...]

e160 – Live from the 2022 Presentation Summit!

Show Notes – Episode #160 11 Microsoft MVPs for PowerPoint, in the same room! Join us for a group conversation recorded at the 2022 Presentation Summit with Troy, Nolan, Ric, Geetesh, Yulia, Chantal, Julie, Heather, Mike, Jamie, and Steve as we just talk shop over a glass (or two) of wine! Show Suggestions? Questions for your Hosts? [...]

e159 – Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: How We Repurpose Work

Show Notes – Episode #159 "The power of PowerPoint is the ability for anyone to reuse its content." This episode Troy and Nolan are joined by Bethany Auck of Slide Rabbit for a conversation about how they do not reinvent the process for every slide, but leverage preset assets, slides and more in their slide design process. [...]

e158 – Lessons Learned from Optimizing 150 Presentations in 4 Days

  Show Notes – Episode #158 The Presentation Podcast conversation this episode is with PowerPoint MVP and President of TLC Creative Services Troy Chollar, PowerPoint MVP Sandy Johnson, PowerPoint MVP Echo Swinford and CEO of TLC Creative Services Lori Chollar who worked together onsite at a large conference and pre-flighted 150+ presentations in 4 days. Join us [...]

e157 – Prepping for the PreSum #20 with Rick Altman

Show Notes – Episode #157 PowerPoint celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. The Presentation Summit 2022 is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Both amazing benchmarks! This episode we are joined by the Presentation Summit creator and director, Rick Altman for a conversation about what to expect at this year's conference, along with some talk about the [...]

e156 – Presentation for Free (Resources for Design)

Show Notes – Episode #156 PowerPoint is a big community with lots and lots of resources. This episode Troy, Sandy and Nolan spend some time talking about the FREE presentation resources they use. It is a fun conversation but have something to take notes! Resources from this Episode:   Events TechSmith Level Up! event (virtual event on [...]

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