e200 – Celebrating 200 Presentation Conversations!

Show Notes – Episode #200

  • Q: What started in 2016, and is celebrating its 200th episode today? A: The Presentation Podcast! At 2 episodes per month, 24 conversations per year, and a predictable episode #200 in year 9. That’s what this conversation is all about, celebration and fun conversation – join us!
  • Many thanks to all of the special guests on this episode!
    • Heather Ackmann
    • Bethany Auck
    • Rick Altman
    • Geetesh Bajaj
    • Emma Bannister
    • David Blatner
    • Chantel Bosse
    • Ric Bretschnider
    • Lori Chollar
    • Kim Denny
    • Nancy Duarte
    • Kurt Dupont
    • Jacqueline Farrington
    • Jamie Garroch
    • Jackie Gartner-Schmidt
    • Glenn Gibson
    • Andy Goodman
    • Richard Goring
    • Mark Heaps
    • Stephy Hogan
    • Boris Hristov
    • Tom Howell
    • Thomas Kraft
    • Marsh Mackstein
    • Sheila McGurin
    • Ingrid Mengdehl
    • Mort Milder
    • Ken Molay
    • Mike Morrison
    • Simon Morton
    • Dave Paradi
    • Mike and Jen Parkinson
    • Mike Power
    • Tony Ramos
    • Johanna Rehnvall
    • Steve Rindsberg
    • Sheila B. Robinson
    • Kerri L. Ruttenberg
    • Gil Segal
    • Rolly Seth
    • Jole Simmons
    • Carmen Simon
    • Echo Swinford
    • Mike Taylor
    • Julie Terberg
    • Travis Thomas
    • Vincent Thompson
    • Fiona Walsh
    • Sally Z.


  • Click to listen to the Presentation Podcast, Episode 200 Theme Song!
    Music by Tom Bedlam (lyrics by Troy Chollar – yikes!!)

“Our whole crazy podcast was an idea and fate

Then nearly 10 years ago conversations started, wait

The conversations were cool, presentation people began to drool

We developed podcast skills

We built a podcast (we built a website)

Troy, Nolan and Sandy, unraveling the mysteries

That all started with a big bang (bang)

Since a 6-month run is really not that long

As a podcast was formed in less time that it takes to sing this song

A fraction of time passed and episode 200 is here!

The hosts stepped up straight, the listeners met them and said great

The three talked a whole lot but wait

And they never stopped (they keep talking their “beep”s off)

The listeners and episodes, keep going and never get old

Set in motion the conversation rang

It all started with a big bang

It’s expanding ever onward day by day

It may not end or start another way

Going ever onward, we will not stop, it will be heard

Our big celebration this, episode 200 is a bigger bang

Listeners and followers thus would really be excited for us

Debating how we’re here, they’re presenting there (we’re getting ideas)

Podcasts or presentations (conversations or fun history)

It all started with a big bang

Conversations for P-P-T, presentation peeps just like me

It all started 200 episodes ago

It all started with a big bang”


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