episode 35: Software Productivity Tips, Hacks, and Cool Apps for the Busy Designer

Everyone has cool tips, apps and ways of doing things. It is part of what makes an experienced designer experienced. Join Troy, Sandy and Nolan as they have fun talking about what apps, hacks and cool tips they use as part of their daily routine.



  • What are 3 apps you use to make things faster; both for design and studio paperwork needs – things you could not live without?
  • For email, what are 3 recommendations you have for customizing Outlook’s setup or use?
  • With a fresh install of PowerPoint, what are 3 setup things you do?
  • What are 3 multimedia apps or hacks you like?
  • What are 3 presentation hacks you use to make things look better than standard PowerPoint or Keynote options?
  • What are 3 OS setup tips (Win or Mac)?

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