episode 54: A Conversation with PPT Add-in Developers Part 2

This is Part 2 of the PowerPoint add-ins conversation with developers Steve Rindsberg of PPTools, Gil Segal of ToolsToo, and Jamie Garroch of YouPresent (Listen to episode 52 for Part 1 of the conversation). Amongst the great conversation full of insights and tips we cover three additional questions to the developers:

  1. What are some advantages, and some disadvantages to the new Microsoft Store web-based add-ins?
  2. Mac PowerPoint has announced it is now using the same code base as the Windows version, an amazing software feat. Will this change the availability of add-ins on the Mac ?
  3. What is an add-in you would like to develop?


And thanks to Jamie Garroch for the hidden code (it works!) in the episode banner!


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