episode 55: Let’s Talk PowerPoint Templates (a Virtual Discussion)

PowerPoint Templates have lots of setup, design, distribution and end-use considerations. For this episode we have a virtual conversation with a number of presentation design experts sharing their expertise and recommendations on everything PowerPoint templates. We get everyone’s answers to:

  1. How do you summarize the purpose of a real PowerPoint template?
  2. What is your process for developing templates – from gathering specifications to design, proofs and deliverable?
  3. What is the most master slides and the most Master Layouts you have seen in a single file?
  4. Do you distribute templates as .pptx or .potx?
  5. What page size, or aspect ratio, do you see most?
  6. Do you see the company, or event logo, on all slide layouts, some slide layouts, no slide layouts?
  7. When developing a template, how do you handle requests for custom layouts?
  8. What about the right-to-left language (Hebrew) rotated/vertical text layouts that are part of the Microsoft standard template setup – keep and format or remove?
  9. What is the something you often see missing from templates?
  10. What is one of your favorite tips on developing a template?


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