episode 59: Video Round-Tripping in PowerPoint

  • Video round-tripping in PowerPoint is like the movie inception, where we figure out everything is a dream, inside of a dream, that is possibly inside of another dream… this is creating content in PowerPoint, that is exported to video, and then that video become part of the PowerPoint content, or a slide with a video of PowerPoint content with other PowerPoint content. It is crazy stuff you can do with PowerPoint, and Troy, Sandy and Nolan have a great design studio conversation all about it!


  • History of Video In PowerPoint 
    • PowerPoint 2007; Able to embed video (but only .wmv)
    • PowerPoint 2010; ability to layer content on top of videos with z-order control. Able to export a presentation to video (although only to .wmv format and a maximum resolution of 1280×720)
    • PowerPoint 2013; Ability to embed .mp4 video format and export slides to .mp4 format
    • PowerPoint 2016; Increased video export resolution to 1920×1080 and then added 4k, 3840×2160 resolution option


  • Discussion
    • You will need to listen to this podcast as there was a lot of examples, a lot tips and a lot great conversation all about using video in PowerPoint, exporting PowerPoint to video, and of course, round-tripping PowerPoint-to video- to PowerPoint!

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