episode 68: The Presentation Year in Review 2018

Join Troy, Sandy and Nolan for their final podcast of 2018, with a fun conversation of reflection on the past year, both the overall presentation industry and our studios. Let’s wrap of 2018!


Best new features added to PowerPoint this year

  • Troy: Image transparency and 3D Model embedded animations
  • Sandra: “Sparkle pens!”, Image transparency, great .SVG support
  • Nolan: .SVG support on Mac and the beginnings of AI in presentation design and content

Best Presentation we worked on or saw this year

  • Troy: Destination = Tokyo, Design = 80′ LED wall, Presentation = Lori’s Typography in Presentation Design
  • Sandra: Insurance Company client where I helped change the way they design and deliver presentations
  • Nolan: Tom Howell’s Presentation Summit presentation on PowerPoint animation

Presentation Industry Happenings this year

  • Troy: Jamie Garroch of YouPresent’s ability to code amazing design add-ins
  • Sandra: The Presentation Guild website refresh, Microsoft MVP Summit
  • Nolan: That there were multiple design focused conferences in 2018

Best gadget of the year, under $150 you got?

  • Troy: iphone camera lens, the Revolver
  • Sandra: Samsung replacing my Galaxy Note 8 – for free!
  • Nolan: G-Technology 4TB external USB-C hard drive

Best gadget of the year, over $1000?

  • Troy: Lenovo X1 Extreme laptop
  • Sandra: my new car…
  • Nolan: My soon to be purchased Macbook Air

Most memorable conference or event you attended this year?

  • Troy: um, at 36 events in 2018, it’s hard to choose
  • Sandra: SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities
  • Nolan: 51 Pegasi B conference

2019 plans?

  • Troy: The Presentation Podcast has all 3 of us – and 1/2 the conversation topics already selected!
  • Sandra: Attending the Microsoft MVP Summit and The Presentation Summit
  • Nolan: same…


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