episode 92: Our Presentation Year in Review 2019

  • This is the final episode of 2019! We are ending the year with a look back on some of our favorite projects, favorite new features of PowerPoint, and favorite events, and other favorites of the year:
  • Favorite client?
  • Favorite slideshow presentation design project?
  • Favorite event attended?
  • Favorite event you spoke at?
  • Favorite animation project?
  • Favorite non-animation project?
  • Most memorable book?
  • Favorite new PowerPoint add-in?
  • Most memorable Microsoft announcement?
  • Favorite new, or updated, software?
  • Favorite new gadget?
  • Favorite tchotchke item on your desk?
  • Favorite addition to your workspace?
  • What project went awry this year?
  • Give a 30 second presentation design tip
  • Favorite and least favorite design trend?
  • Favorite episode here on The Presentation Podcast?

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