e107 – It’s a Crossover! The Presentation Podcast meets the Presentation Boss Podcast

5 presentation designers walk into a bar, 3 from 3 different parts of the United States, 2 from another English language country on the other side of the planet. What do they talk about? Find out when you join us for this crossover episode of The Presentation Podcast and Presentation Boss podcast!

What we discussed 

  • Origin stories (of each podcast)?
  • What is your professional niche in the presentation design space?
  • Describe the Presentation Boss Podcast’s three rotating formats
  • How do you decide on topics for your podcast?
  • What do you personally and professionally get out of your podcast?
  • Some of the technical podcast stuff; platform used for recording, software for editing and some of the hardware
  • Do you venture into the other presentation apps; Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi, Canva, etc.?

The Presentation Boss Podcast: Plan, Design and Deliver Your Best Presentation

The Presentation Boss Podcast is all about the art and skill of presentations. Kate Norris and Thomas Krafft share and discuss tips, tools and strategies from their own, professional experience as well as interview other experts to help you present with clarity and confidence. Whether you’re tasked with your first-ever talk, interested to extend your current knowledge or looking to refine and broaden your skills, this is the podcast you need to plan, design and deliver your best presentation.

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