e111 – “Unmuted”: A Talk with Andy Goodman about the state of Online Communications

  • Troy, Nolan and Sandy received an advance sneak peak at an upcoming Goodman Center report. It is a report that summarizes what is happening today in the world of our remote meetings, technology being used for these meetings and what highlights and failures the multitude of remote meetings are producing. “Unmuted. What works, what doesn’t, and how we can all do better when working together online.” is an amazing collection of data, real-world case studies and the insights pulled from a survey that had over 4,000 respondents. This episode we enjoy an amazing conversation with Andy Goodman of The Goodman Center, talking about their soon to be released report.
  • Take-Away #1: Engagement and participation – the adventure begins here.
  • Take-Away #2: Inclusivity – out virtual welcome mats need some work.
  • Take-Away #3: Leadership and Facilitation – get training. get some help. and get better at the basics.
  • Take-Away #4: Structure – more time online requires more attention to structure.
  • Take-Away #5: Length and Frequency – shorter and fewer, please.
  • Take-Away #6: Preferred Platforms – it’s Zoom’s world. We’re just working in it.
  • Take-Away #7: Personal Video Feeds – should I turn my camera on or off? Yes!
  • Take-Away #8: Slides – less text, more action, and always build.
  • Take-Away #9: Long-Term Trends – it ain’t over when it’s over.

The full report is scheduled to be available October 12, 2020.
Andy Goodman
The Goodman Center
Twitter: @GoodmanCenter


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