e114-A: The Future of Presentations in a Virtual World: Unlocking a New Dimension – a conversation with Yulia Barnakova

  • This episode Troy, Nolan and Sandy are joined by Yulia Barnakova for a great talk about the just released Presentation Guild think tank white paper entitled, “The Future of Presentations – Explore the evolving technologies, practices, and importance of presentation in our daily lives.” We get to hear about Yulia’s background, how the Presentation Guild think tank evolved and we overview the major topics of the white paper.
  • we talk about:
    • Equipment matters
    • Interactivity
    • What’s next in Virtual Platforms
    • Video integration within presentations (specifically video of presenters alongside, and in, their presentation content)
    • Augmented reality platforms and presentations
    • How do people continue to stay ahead of the rapidly changing future

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