episode 98: Microsoft Office Secrets of PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Secrets of PowerPoint

Show Notes – Episode #98

  • Microsoft Office Secrets! This episode is Part 1 of a new series. Troy, Sandy and Nolan each give 10 hidden or unknown PowerPoint slide design tools and features, each native to PowerPoint; no add-ins or special coding needed for them!

Troy’s 10 Hidden PowerPoint Formatting Tools

  1. Change Shape.
  2. Text soft-return with Shift + Return
  3. Preview slide animation with Star icon
  4. Bring Super-script and Sub-script back to PowerPoint by adding these PowerPoint tools to the QAT
  5. Text box internal margins (can be customized on Master layouts or individual text boxes on slides)
  6. Add text to any shape (AKA: do not stack a text box on top of a shape!)
  7. Zoom in/out of a slide with CTRL + Mouse wheel
  8. Duplicate anything with CTRL + Drag
  9. Make any logo solid white with Picture format > picture corrections > brightness 100%
  10. Image transparency

Nolan’s 10 Hidden PowerPoint Formatting Tools

  1. Blurred image as slide background
  2. Crop to fit and Crop to ratio
  3. Convert SVGs and icons into PowerPoint shapes
  4. Chart templates
  5. Embed an Excel table (like we can embed an Excel chart)
  6. Quickly change bar chart colors
  7. Text box multi-columns
  8. Copy & paste an object styling with CTRL+Shift+C, then CTRL+Shift+V
  9. Duplicate an object with preset spacing apart
  10. Add an instant slide Zoom (drag slide thumbnail from left film strip and drop on any slide)

Sandy’s 10 Hidden PowerPoint Formatting Tools

  1. Preset Master Slide images
  2. Use Designer
  3. Character spacing; by word or individual letters
  4. Zero width space
  5. The QAT
  6. Format painter tool
  7. Eyedropper (color picker) tool
  8. PowerPoint triggers for interactivity
  9. Text box auto expanding left line
  10. PowerPoint slides, Attendee Notes, and Presenter Training Notes – all in 1 document!

Resources from this Episode:  (List of links to tools/resources discussed )

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