episode 99: Being a Remote Presenter (with Ken Molay)

  • The world pretty much just all jumped into remote meetings at the same time. There are now more remote presentations rather than in-person meetings. Today our conversation is how to create and deliver remote presentations. And we are joined by literally an expert in web conferencing and remote presenting skills, Ken Molay of Webinar Success.
    • What are the biggest overall differences and considerations between presenting live and remotely in terms of approach and maybe even content?
    • What are the best practices regarding chat and questions during a presentation and what are the most effective ways of maintaining engagement?
    • What kind of design considerations are there when creating a remote presentation vs. an in-person meeting?
    • What type of content is problematic presenting online?
    • Any notes on hardware and software platforms for remote presenting to use, avoid, recommendations?
    • What about a telephone call to “walk” someone through the presentation?
    • What about recording a webinar to be accessed later?

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Ken Molay
Webinar Success
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