e117 – The (in)Efficiency of Presentations – with Simon Morton

  • Eyeful Presentations produced an amazing presentation industry insights report in 2020 entitled “The Efficiency of Business Presentations.” We are starting season 6 with this episode, and we start 2021 talking with Simon Morton, based in the UK and principal at Eyeful Presentations about this must-read for presentation designers. Join us for the conversation and hear why we named this episode the (In)efficiency of presentations!

Topics discussed 

  • Simon Morton, (re) introduce yourself and Eyeful Presentations!
  • Using “The Efficiency of Business Presentations” report as our conversation focus,
    • How did you measure efficiency (of presentation design)?
    • Where did the report find people spent the majority of their time (software, company size, focus)?
    • What are the main types of presentations being delivered?
    • What software/tools are people using to create presentations?
    • Who are the people creating presentations?
    • Tell us about the quantity of presentations being created (weekly/monthly/yearly) you found
    • Did the survey find people are happy with their presentations?
    • Tell us the results found about how company culture plays into presentation design
    • Can technology create efficiencies in presentation design?


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