e122 – The Future of Presentation Design? VAS; Visual Attention Software

  • 3M (yes the big corporate 3M) is the inspiration for our conversation this episode. 3M recently released “VAS”, Visual Attention Software, for designers to leverage as another tool in their digital toolbox. Of note, VAS is not designed for presentation layouts, but it is a big focus within the visual design industry, and presentation design can use this software to make better slides! Join Troy, Nolan and Sandy as they talk about their recent experience testing the VAS software as they are joined by Sean Springer from 3M to gather more information, insights and ideas on how this software may help with presentation design.

Topics discussed 

  • Sean Springer:  Tell us about you, 3M, and what the Visual Attention Software, VAS is.
  • Let us know the differences between the 2 input options, web-based and Adobe app plugin.
  • What are the differences in the 9 profile options for analysis?
  • What is some of the history of VAS at 3M, and what are some of the studies that 3M has used in determining how VAS should be setup and used?
  • Troy, Nolan and Sandy: each describe one of the project images you had VAS analyze and how the results aligned with what you would expect.

Guest, Sean Springer:

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