e127 – Is Iconography a Real Word?

Show Notes

  • Iconography is the visual images and symbols used to represent actions, processes, items, ?? And they are a mainstay in visual design and a natural fit for presentation design. This episode we challenge each other with questions about how we use icons, how we see others using icons, where we source icons from, and when icons should be used – and not used. Join us for this geeky designer conversation about what makes design, design!
  • Let’s define what we each say an “icon” is.
  • What are icon style options?
  • Is there an optimal size (on a slide) for an icon?
  • Is an icon black and white, or can it be a color, or multiple colors?
  • Where do we source icons?
  • Who uses an icon management system or app?
  • Where do you use icons in presentations?
  • Create your own vs. download and source?


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  • Version 1.0 released last week (after several months of pre-release versions)
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