What Will We See at the 2021 Presentation Summit? With Rick Altman

Show Notes – Episode #132

  • The 19th annual Presentation Summit is September 26-29, 2021. Troy, Nolan and Sandy have each attended many times and have presented at the conference. All three will be at the event in Florida this year. This episode we have Rick Altman, founder and director of the Presentation Summit, and talk not only about the conference, but how the conference is keeping with the times and trailblazing as a robust hybrid event.
  • Rick, please introduce yourself with a recap of your who you are, your background, and summary statement what the Presentation Summit is…
  • Tell us about the logistics of putting on a hybrid conference, and the attendee experience – for both those in Florida at the conference and those attending through the virtual platform.
  • What will be the COVID guidelines for those attending onsite – based on what the CDC and hotel rules are as of this week?
  • Can you really do Trivia at a hybrid event?
  • Troy, Nolan and Sandy, you all three will be onsite at the event. Tell us your speaking topics and what you will be doing at the conference.
  • Tell us about the virtual host, and the fact that as a first ever benchmark, you have relinquished some of the host/MC duties – at least for this year.
  • Can we ask for a promo code for anyone registering to attend? (Yes! see below)

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