The Questions Clients Always Ask

Show Notes – Episode #133

  • Clients ask questions, and many of the same questions. This episode Troy, Nolan and Sandy pose the questions they hear from clients consistently to see if the others also hear the same question – and their answers to those questions.
  • Can you make it not look like PowerPoint?
  • Can we have a template that users can just drop content into and the formatting is automatic? Or, can you make the template update existing slides automatically?
  • Can it look like an Apple “Steve Jobs” keynote?
  • Can you build a full featured Google template…
  • Can the template be used in PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote?
  • Can we have a custom icon and image/icon library?
  • Can the presentation to be Creative Commons?
  • Can you make this work for both an on-screen and leave behind presentation?

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