How We Create Presentations for Ourselves

Show Notes – Episode #134

  • What do presentation designers do when they need to create a presentation for themselves? Do we follow our own best practices, or do we take shortcuts? We are joined by Lori Chollar of TLC Creative Services and as a group we to explore that question – and there are terrific tips and ah-ha moments for everyone during this episode!
  • Who among us creates presentations for themselves and what kind of presentations?
  • When asked to present, what are the steps you take to get started?
  • Do you outline your presentations before designing. If so, what is your process?
  • When you present, what is your preference in slide advancers?
  • How do you manage presentation time?
  • Where do you source imagery and assets from?
  • Do you create or use Templates? Color palettes? Font themes? Layouts?
  • What do you always advise others to do that you don’t yourself?

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