e140 – 2021’s Top 10’s

Show Notes – Episode #140

  • We are saying goodbye to 2021 and each of us compiled our own Top 10 of 2021 lists. What made the list? PowerPoint features, a client, a specific project, an add-in, a trip – book – or presentation? We are glad you have us on your podcast list and excited to hear what the others have on their 2021 top 10 list!

Troy’s List:

  1. International business travel returns
  2. Briteslide
  3. Microsoft MVP for PowerPoint renewal
  4. Microsoft Teams and file collaboration (so much less file version control issues!)
  5. VXPMeeting.com, our virtual meeting platform, hit 100+ events
  6. Ultrawide presentation design (finally, after 18 months of constrained to 16×9!)
  7. Speaking at the top 3 presentation conferences; The Presentation Summit, Creative Pro Week, Present to Succeed
  8. Attending the – in-person – Presentation Summit
  9. Slidewise
  10. The TLC Creative Christmas card

Sandy’s List:

  1. My business did not take a hit in C*d
  2. Re-rewarded Microsoft MVP status again
  3. The Presentation Podcast remains the #1 presentation podcast on Feedspot
  4. Vacations: Hawaii, New York and Door County, WI
  5. Slidewise
  6. BrightSlide (and ongoing updates)
  7. The Launch of Echo and Julies new book, Building PowerPoint Templates v2
  8. Nolan’s Better Deck Deck. It’s so inspiring.
  9. Office Equipment Samsung Odyssey, Surface 4 laptop
  10. I got to see my two co-hosts, Troy and Nolan, after nearly 2 years – at the Presentation Summit

Nolan’s List: 

  1. The Better Deck Deck – PODCAST20
  2. The Presentation Summit – seeing friends
  3. 1st in-person training in November in California
  4. Slidewise (released May 25, 2021)
  5. Working with Syracuse designer on templates
  6. Present to Succeed Conference in April
  7. Found my groove with remote training
  8. StreamDeck XL
  9. PERSONAL: Girls in preschool/quiet house during the day
  10. Brightslide for Mac (released Jan 6, 2021)

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