e141 – 2022 Predictions


Show Notes – Episode #141

  • This is the first week of the year, and we are each presenting 5 predictions for what we see as trends in the presentation industry for 2022. Our design industry predictions are based on client requests, what we see happening in the presentation world, and our hunch’s. We will scorecard our predictions at the end of the year!


  1. The return of Ultrawide presentations
  2. An ongoing focus on the small screen, 16×9, presentations (through an ongoing virtual meetings)
  3. Expanded use of vector art in slide design
  4. Use of the Pantone Color of the Year, #17-3938 “Very Peri”
  5. Presenters on the slide (as in webcam/camera overlay of presenter on the slide with no camera background)


  1. Technology impact: VR/AR
  2. Calm, soothing, quiet in design
  3. Motion
  4. Geometric shapes: Bauhaus, midcentury, photos on a grid
  5. 3D/Layered design


  1. Meta-verse for Presentation
  2. Hybrid presenting in conferences, meetings, and trainings will expand
  3. Accessibility will be recognized and a common project spec
  4. A solid new book on presentation (no insights, just that there will be a new, very good book)
  5. Microsoft returns focus to desktop features for PowerPoint (vs. new features that only work in PowerPoint for Web and PowerPoint through Teams)

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