e143 – Talking with the Eyeful Presentations Team about the Eyeful Insights Report on Hybrid Presentations!

Show Notes – Episode #143

  • Eyeful Presentations, based in the UK, recently released a new presentation industry report, “The NEW New Normal – Hybrid Presentations.” The report is available for free and I highly recommend everyone that presents, or works with presenters, take a few minutes to read through the insights on our new normal . This episode of The Presentation Podcast, Troy Chollar has opportunity to talk with Simon, Jack and Alex from Eyeful Presentations about their report and hear some additional insights into the topic of hybrid presentations.
  • Simon Morton Introduction
  • Jack Phipps introduction
  • Alex Warwick introduction
  • Talk about the industry stats on pages 1-5
  • Define “hybrid”, and how the word means different things to different groups
  • Talk about Eyeful Presentations client asks and expectations for hybrid presentations
  • Define the phrase “the hybrid challenge”
  • Talk about Eyeful Presentations “Eyeful Lens” offering

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