e145 – Before the Mic, with Glenn Gibson

Show Notes – Episode #145

  • “Before the Mic” is a new book in the presentation space. It focuses on the presentation message and structure – everything that needs to happen before the presenter is ‘before the microphone’ and presenting. This episode Troy, Sandy and Nolan talk with Glenn Gibson, author of “Beyond the Mic” for a very fun, very informative conversation!
    • Glenn, welcome! Give us your background and how you came to the world of presentation.
    • The tagline for the book is “how to compose meaningful, memorable, and motivational presentations.” Let us know about the “compose” in the tagline.
    • Section 1 of the book is “Presentation/Song Theory”. Let’s talk about the 3 letter M’s; Meaningful, Memorable, Motivational. And about Music Theory.
    • Section 2 is Song Structure. Is 3, your favorite number?
    • You define a presentation format you have labelled “Corporate Disease.” Define what ‘corporate disease’ is.
    • Troy, Nolan, Sandy; what is your process of constructing a presentation? Does it align with Glenn’s pencil and paper approach?
    • Section 3 is the Song Process or the JAM Session. Let’s talk about JAM; Jot, Articulate, Make your presentation.

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