e146 – Comparing PowerPoint Template Projects

Show Notes – Episode #146

  • Presentation design work is often developing a PowerPoint template as a standalone project or developing a PowerPoint template that is then used for the presentation design phase. This episode, Troy & Lori, the co-founders of TLC Creative Services, Inc. chat about PowerPoint template design projects they have each recently completed.
    • What PowerPoint template project are you going to talk about?
    • 16×9, 4×3 or custom aspect ratio?
    • Assets to integrate?
    • Master slide and Master layout customization?
    • End user information, training?
    • PowerPoint limitations to work around?
    • What is the lifespan of the template?
    • What is a template feature and preset that presenters underutilize?
    • What is one wish list item you have for Microsoft to implement on templates?

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