e152 – Is Accessibility Accessible?

Show Notes – Episode #152

  • One definition of accessibility is “…making information, activities, and/or environments sensible, meaningful, and usable for as many people as possible.”. For us in the presentation world, accessibility is a consideration for slide design. And slide design can address accessibility categories of contrast, font size, captioning, screen reader setup, alt text, and much more. But the real question is, are there tools within PowerPoint to enable presentation designers to make a presentation accessible? This episode of The Presentation Podcast we are joined by Stephy Hogan a great conversation about presentation design with accessibility considerations.

I am a topic being discussed 

  • Welcome Stephy Hogan, tell us about you, and your accessibility design background & focus
  • Lightning round of “accessibility” questions
  • Is accessibility, in terms of presentation design, a sliding scale?
  • PowerPoint has the Accessibility checker, a powerful and underused feature
  • PowerPoint vs. PDF vs. InDesign vs. website accessibility checkers
  • Color contrast on a PowerPoint slide – for accessibility
  • PowerPoint’s screen reader feature
  • Other tools within PowerPoint, Windows and Mac OS for accessibility that presentation design can leverage?
  • Is accessible presentation design becoming a more common project scope requirement?

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