e190 – 2024 Predictions and 2023 Scorecard

Show Notes – Episode #190

  • 9 presentation industry predictions for 2024; 3 from each host! Plus Troy, Sandy and Nolan do a scorecard review their 2023 presentation predictions to tally their successes and fails.
  • 2024 Presentation Predictions
    • Troy
      1. AI design tools will become a standard workflow for image creation, image manipulation, content creation, content adjustment, and design layouts.
      2. No new remote presenting technology or app will gain traction that does not integrate with Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
      3. Expectations of remote presenters is elevated.
    • Sandy
      1. Canva will be bought by a major tech company.
      2. There will be some sort of government action over AI.
      3. We are all going to be a little or a lot smarter about AI this time next year.
    • Nolan
      1. AI will become standard for imagery creation and editing and copywriting and editing, BUT ineffective for practical purposes in presentation, plus, to really use it, we are going to have to cobble different AI tools together.
      2. There will be a major scandal or court case in which supposedly confidential slides play a big part in revealing intent or misdeeds.
      3. Canva is going to explode – or maybe continue to explode; become more mainstream for enterprise; and finally go public with an IPO.

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