episode 78: Animation Do’s and Don’ts

We live in an animated world, and animated slide content is the norm. Join Troy, Nolan and Sandy as they talk about PowerPoint animation, PowerPoint as a motion graphics design tool, tips on animation, and our Do's and Don’ts of animation.

episode 78: Animation Do’s and Don’ts2021-06-15T13:02:33-07:00

episode 22: Our Favorite Animations

PowerPoint has lots of great features for adding motion to static content through animations and transitions. Overall PowerPoint presentations are known for animation, and knowing that animation is used by everyone from elementary age students to professional designers says a lot about the functional design of PowerPoint as an animation application. Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about good use of animation, some favorite animation effects, and what they see for the future of PowerPoint's animation capabilities.

episode 22: Our Favorite Animations2021-06-15T12:17:58-07:00

episode 10: Adobe Techniques in PowerPoint

In the beginning - of digital presentation design - all apps were extremely limited in their editing capabilities. But things have improved and it is amazing what can be designed direct inside PowerPoint. For this podcast episode, Troy, Nolan and Sandra talk about how they accomplish many "Adobe design techniques" directly inside PowerPoint.

episode 10: Adobe Techniques in PowerPoint2021-06-15T12:08:14-07:00
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