episode 38: Alternatives to PowerPoint

To "PowerPoint" is a verb in both corporate and education circles, which speaks to the dominance of Microsoft PowerPoint in the presentation industry - and that is not a bad thing as Microsoft continues to evolve the software. But there are other options in use, all with high points and advantages. Troy, Sandy and Nolan spend this episode reviewing the ones they know are out there and use for projects.

episode 38: Alternatives to PowerPoint2021-06-15T12:48:13-07:00

episode 21: Video and PowerPoint

First was words, then images, now video. Presentation design has changed and today our hosts Troy, Nolan, and Sandy talk about using video in PowerPoint - tips and tricks for video in PowerPoint - using PowerPoint as the video creation app - from technical to design, this is a great conversation covering a lot of topics all about video and PowerPoint.

episode 21: Video and PowerPoint2021-06-15T12:17:48-07:00

episode 2: Send a Proof, But How?

Presentation design is a conversation between designer and presenter. Receiving input from the presenter is vital, but how best to do that? Today, we are talking about our best practices for receiving client feedback and input throughout the design process, along with sharing what format we use to send proofs and stories about why proofing and feedback is important.

episode 2: Send a Proof, But How?2021-06-15T12:08:20-07:00

episode 1: Do You PowerPoint 2016?

PowerPoint is synonymous with 'Presentation' but the latest version's name is creating some confusion with Windows and Mac versions both being named "2016." In addition, there are different ways to get Office 2016, but not all are the same. Our three professional presentation designers discuss the details of PowerPoint 2016 in its many variations, including what we use, recommend and caution avoiding.

episode 1: Do You PowerPoint 2016?2021-06-15T12:00:35-07:00
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