episode 46: Share the Stage with Your Slides (with Sally Koering Zimney)

Join an amazing conversation about how presenters can share the stage with their slides, interact with them, while still engaging with the audience, and "share the Con." Sally Zimney from the "This Moved Me" podcast, and a professional presentation coach joins the conversation, offering some great advise for every presenter, and presentation designer.

episode 46: Share the Stage with Your Slides (with Sally Koering Zimney)2021-06-15T12:49:09-07:00

episode 45: Things to Check Before Presenting

The primary purpose of presentation software is to support a presenter. Presenters need to be aware of what things can go wrong, know what to check before presenting, and prevent many potential issues before they become an issue. Sandy, Nolan and Troy are presenters, they work with presenters every week, and have experienced many presentation technical issues, this podcast offers a compilation of things every presenter should check before presenting.

episode 45: Things to Check Before Presenting2021-06-15T12:49:01-07:00

episode 17: Live From The Presentation Summit!

Troy, Nolan, and Sandy were featured presenters at the 2016 Presentation Summit in Las Vegas, NV and managed to secure a presentation slot for this special live audience recording of The Presentation Podcast! The podcast hosts were joined by conference director Rick Altman and a room full of presentation design experts!

episode 17: Live From The Presentation Summit!2021-06-15T12:38:23-07:00

episode 16: Pitch Decks

Join Troy, Nolan and Sandy as they talk all about Pitch decks. Pitch Decks are a specialized sales presentation, and they discuss who uses them, who designs them, what is unique about their content, and how each of us approaches a Pitch Deck project.

episode 16: Pitch Decks2021-06-15T12:16:56-07:00

episode 14: What’s On the Bookshelf?

Books, whether traditional print or digital, provide entertainment, education, ideas and more. Troy, Nolan and Sandy gathered many of their favorite books that they have read over the years of being professional designers for their own book club discussion focused on presentations, design, business and random inspiration.

episode 14: What’s On the Bookshelf?2021-06-15T12:36:49-07:00

episode 12: Agency Work

Nolan, Troy and Sandy talk about the world of presentations and how it intersects with creative agencies - both in terms of agencies creating presentations in-house for their own purposes and selling presentation design to clients.

episode 12: Agency Work2021-06-15T12:15:55-07:00

episode 9: This is Where I Design

The 4th of July weekend is the height of summer, at least here in the States, and this time everyone has a bit more relaxed episode to go with the mellow summer attitude. Troy, Sandy and Nolan are talking about their design studios, typical work schedule, novelties they have gathered for inspiration and of course presentation design. You are invited into their studios for a chat and tour!

episode 9: This is Where I Design2021-06-15T12:08:06-07:00

episode 8: Faster & Better Design with PowerPoint Add-ins

PowerPoint desktop has always had the ability to run 3rd party add-ins to expand its tool set and capabilities. Nolan, Troy and Sandy talk about what add-ins they have installed, real-world examples of when they are used, and tips & tricks for better and faster presentation design

episode 8: Faster & Better Design with PowerPoint Add-ins2021-06-15T12:08:00-07:00

episode 7: Do Bullets Kill An Audience?

Do bullet points can kill an audience? In Episode #7 we discuss the problem that the misuse of presentation software can cause and more importantly, what our audiences can do to overcome this deadly pitfall.

episode 7: Do Bullets Kill An Audience?2021-06-15T12:07:47-07:00

episode 5: Oh, Font

Oh font! Microsoft standard fonts, Adobe Creative Cloud Type Kit, Google Web Fonts, custom fonts from websites - what is a presentation to use? Will a font work on a Mac, Windows, iOS, or Web app presentation? What are the advantages, and pitfalls, of using custom fonts. Are Microsoft Office fonts safe to use, can you use Mac OS fonts everywhere? Troy, Nolan and Sandra have a great discussion on best practices for font use in presentations.

episode 5: Oh, Font2021-06-15T12:07:26-07:00
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