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e114-A: The Future of Presentations in a Virtual World: Unlocking a New Dimension – a conversation with Yulia Barnakova

This episode Troy, Nolan and Sandy are joined by Yulia Barnakova for a great talk about the just released Presentation Guild think tank white...

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e113: Part 2 – PowerPoint and Adobe Creative Cloud can Play Together (with Mark Heaps)

For the Adobe Max conference we started a conversation with Adobe Expert Mark Heaps talking about Adobe apps and PowerPoint workflows. Join us for...

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e112: PowerPoint and Adobe Creative Cloud can Play Together (with Mark Heaps) – Part 1

This week is the Adobe Max conference, and it seemed like a great fit to talk about Adobe and PowerPoint working together. Join us,...

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“Unmuted”: A Talk with Andy Goodman about the state of Online Communications

Troy, Nolan and Sandy received an advance sneak peek at an upcoming Goodman Center report. "Unmuted. What works, what doesn't, and how we can...

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episode 110 – The PowerPoint Backstage Experience

PowerPoint has hundreds, if not thousands of functions and features, that are accessed from the ribbon, panels, pop-up dialog boxes, right-clicks and sometimes hidden...

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A Presentation Summit Recap with Rick & Sheila

We have a lot of PowerPoint new feature news, a special promo give away and a great conversation with the Presentation Summit Director, Rick...

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