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Help Wanted – Presentation Designer (a hiring managers perspective)

Applying for a position is stressful. Managing the hiring process is also stressful and a time-consuming process. Troy and Lori from TLC Creative Services, Inc. talk through their experiences in the hiring process: job listings, resume and cover letter mistakes, phone and in-person interview suggestions, things that help applicants stand out and things that move an application to the “no” list. Read More
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2020 Presentation Trends We See

Looking at 2020, Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about presentations, both in creating and presenting them, is an ongoing evolution. Across a wide range of presentation design and technologies, each shares their opinion on what the trends for each will be this year. Read More
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Beyond Bullet Points, a Conversation with Cliff Atkinson

This conversation is amazing! Troy, Nolan and Sandy are joined by a presentation industry luminary, Cliff Atkinson. Cliff is author of Beyond Bullets, which is now in its 4th edition, and as we talk Cliff continuously drops in one amazing insight and presentation strategy thought after another. Read More

Our Presentation Year in Review 2019

This is the final episode of 2019! We are ending the year with a look back on some of our favorite projects, favorite new features of PowerPoint, and favorite events, and other favorites of the year. Read More
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What is the Presentation Designer Skill Set?

This episode, Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about being a presentation designer - which is different from being a web designer, a video editor, a motion graphics designer or a graphic designer. Presentation designers emerge from a collection of backgrounds and we talk about what skills a presentation designer today needs, and what skills they are expected to have. Read More
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Just Talking PowerPoint

It has been some time since it was just a conversation with Troy, Nolan and Sandy. October 2019 had 5 Tuesdays, our last conversation was with a large group at the Presentation Summit and before that was a few guest conversations. So, listen in to us catch up and focus on the many PowerPoint and presentation updates that have been highlights over the past 2 months! Read More
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Live from the 2019 Presentation Summit!

• Join us at the 2019 Presentation Summit in San Antonio, TX where we gathered over 20 presentation industry people of interest for an all-encompassing conversation on everything presentation. Including, design tricks, tips on running a presentation business, recommendations and a free-for-all review of the Presentation Summit! Read More

When Scientists Present (a conversation with Mike Morrison)

The scientific community is full of presenting. But the world of scientific presentation is different than corporate presentation - something we uncover in the first 2 minutes of conversation with our guest, Mike Morrison, who has been making some waves in the world of scientific presentation thanks to a viral video he created on his proposals for improving the scientific Poster Presentation. This episode we talk about scientific presentations, content and what makes a good presentation - no matter what industry. Read More