episode 7: Do Bullets Kill An Audience?

Do bullet points can kill an audience? In Episode #7 we discuss the problem that the misuse of presentation software can cause and more importantly, what our audiences can do to overcome this deadly pitfall.

episode 7: Do Bullets Kill An Audience?2021-06-15T12:07:47-07:00

episode 5: Oh, Font

Oh font! Microsoft standard fonts, Adobe Creative Cloud Type Kit, Google Web Fonts, custom fonts from websites - what is a presentation to use? Will a font work on a Mac, Windows, iOS, or Web app presentation? What are the advantages, and pitfalls, of using custom fonts. Are Microsoft Office fonts safe to use, can you use Mac OS fonts everywhere? Troy, Nolan and Sandra have a great discussion on best practices for font use in presentations.

episode 5: Oh, Font2021-06-15T12:07:26-07:00

episode 4: Presentation Software; Setup, Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Everyone presents at some point. The Presentation Podcast hosts talk about their tips and Best Practices for using presentation software for a presentation. The discussion is not about speech coaching, stage craft or presenting a message - all very important skills - but what a presenter should focus on behind the scenes in using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi. Hear what our presentation design hosts see that a presenter should know and think of when planning, presenting, and making things work when something goes awry.

episode 4: Presentation Software; Setup, Best Practices, Tips & Tricks2021-06-15T12:03:56-07:00

episode 2: Send a Proof, But How?

Presentation design is a conversation between designer and presenter. Receiving input from the presenter is vital, but how best to do that? Today, we are talking about our best practices for receiving client feedback and input throughout the design process, along with sharing what format we use to send proofs and stories about why proofing and feedback is important.

episode 2: Send a Proof, But How?2021-06-15T12:08:20-07:00

episode 1: Do You PowerPoint 2016?

PowerPoint is synonymous with 'Presentation' but the latest version's name is creating some confusion with Windows and Mac versions both being named "2016." In addition, there are different ways to get Office 2016, but not all are the same. Our three professional presentation designers discuss the details of PowerPoint 2016 in its many variations, including what we use, recommend and caution avoiding.

episode 1: Do You PowerPoint 2016?2021-06-15T12:00:35-07:00
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