episode 54: A Conversation with PPT Add-in Developers Part 2

This week's episode is Part 2 of the PowerPoint add-ins conversation with developers Steve Rindsberg of PPTools, Gil Segal of ToolsToo, and Jamie Garroch of YouPresent (Listen to episode 52 for Part 1 of the conversation). We cover three additional questions this time around: what about the new Microsoft Store web-based add-ins? What about Mac PowerPoint add-ins? And what is an add-in you would like to develop? It is a fantastic conversation, enjoy!

episode 54: A Conversation with PPT Add-in Developers Part 22021-06-15T12:56:29-07:00

episode 43: Office 365 Features We Use

Office 365 is Microsoft's subscription based software and service that goes beyond the Office apps by encompassing SharePoint, Teams, Groups, Unified Communications with Skype and much more. Troy, Sandy and Nolan talk about how they each use Office 365 for their studios and the "secrets" to making the most of it.

episode 43: Office 365 Features We Use2021-06-15T12:48:46-07:00

episode 40: Mistakes We Have Made

Life, and being a professional, is a matter of learning from experiences - and sometimes those experiences are mistakes. Join in on a design studio conversation full of business mistakes seen, been a part of, or possibly created.

episode 40: Mistakes We Have Made2021-06-08T09:05:34-07:00

episode 20: Holiday Edition

This is the year-end episode of The Presentation Podcast for 2016 and our hosts fill the hour with holiday related conversation on presentation design, some gift ideas, and plenty of holiday cheer!

episode 20: Holiday Edition2021-06-15T12:17:40-07:00

episode 15: Financial Slides

This time on The Presentation Podcast, Nolan and Troy are joined by Dave Paradi for a conversation about best practices for slide design in Financial Presentations. Have you struggled with getting all of the numbers on a slide, or stared at a slide that had too much financial data and tried to find the numbers that relate to the presenter's message? Listen in for tips on ways to design these slides and to hear lots of great ideas about what to do with data heavy slides (or any presentation with lots of data).

episode 15: Financial Slides2021-06-15T12:16:36-07:00

episode 13: Where Do You Get Your Images For Presentations?

Visual Communication is how we summarize the core offering of TLC Creative Services. For us, that encompasses anything that is seen: words, photos, iconography, video, on slides, print pieces, billboards, trade show large format displays, webpages and HTML email campaigns. Today, we decided to jump into the murky waters of images - what images are legal to use, what are our favorite resources for images, and what are some design tips for using images in a presentation.

episode 13: Where Do You Get Your Images For Presentations?2021-06-15T12:22:09-07:00

episode 11: What is the Best Font Size?

Listing what size font to use is a classic presentation 'rule' that is never really agreed upon or followed when it is set. This episode we talk about our guidelines for font size, including when to follow a font size rule, why a font size specification is difficult to turn into a rule and some tips for what everyone should consider with font sizes and presentation design.

episode 11: What is the Best Font Size?2021-06-15T12:15:48-07:00

episode 10: Adobe Techniques in PowerPoint

In the beginning - of digital presentation design - all apps were extremely limited in their editing capabilities. But things have improved and it is amazing what can be designed direct inside PowerPoint. For this podcast episode, Troy, Nolan and Sandra talk about how they accomplish many "Adobe design techniques" directly inside PowerPoint.

episode 10: Adobe Techniques in PowerPoint2021-06-15T12:08:14-07:00

episode 9: This is Where I Design

The 4th of July weekend is the height of summer, at least here in the States, and this time everyone has a bit more relaxed episode to go with the mellow summer attitude. Troy, Sandy and Nolan are talking about their design studios, typical work schedule, novelties they have gathered for inspiration and of course presentation design. You are invited into their studios for a chat and tour!

episode 9: This is Where I Design2021-06-15T12:08:06-07:00
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