e115 – This Project is Done, Right…?

It is the final month of 2020. Just like each year coming to an end, every design project needs to come to an end. But, some projects seem to just be put on hold leaving us asking "This project is done, right…?". Troy, Sandy and Nolan have an in-depth conversation about what they have encountered and do with projects that seem to be suspended between complete and an indefinite on-hold. As we start to look to 2021, it is a good time to review the project list and ask "This Project is Done, Right…?"

e115 – This Project is Done, Right…?2021-06-15T14:08:17-07:00

e106: Resources for Presentations Designers

Resources for presentation designers. Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk through 7 categories; books/magazines, conferences, forums, online resources, podcasts, training, and information channels. Each shares their list for each category - join the conversation, it will be fun to learn from one another and see what we have in common.

e106: Resources for Presentations Designers2021-06-15T14:05:40-07:00

episode 78: Animation Do’s and Don’ts

We live in an animated world, and animated slide content is the norm. Join Troy, Nolan and Sandy as they talk about PowerPoint animation, PowerPoint as a motion graphics design tool, tips on animation, and our Do's and Don’ts of animation.

episode 78: Animation Do’s and Don’ts2021-06-15T13:02:33-07:00

episode 76: The Consequences of Good Presentation Design

Everything has consequences, presentation design included. Often the "death by PowerPoint" mantra is more about bad information flow - created in any program - and it is a consequence of bad presentation design. Nolan, Sandy talk spend some time talking about current projects, recapping the Presentation Summit experience and then dive into a conversation about The Consequences of Good Presentation Design from 3 vantage points; Designer to Client, Designer to Designer, and of course, Client to Audience.

episode 76: The Consequences of Good Presentation Design2021-06-15T13:02:17-07:00
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